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Thread: Acne and shaving

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    A professional consult done by a dermatologist would definitely be your best bet. That's what they're there for and hopefully they can help you to get the acne under control or clear it up which would make shaving easier. I'm a big fan of reading labels, googling ingredients and feel that if stuff has super long words in it that look like chemical names then they're probably not good. That being said as an aftershave of course I use Thayers alcohol free witchhazel. It has vitamin E, aloe and other good natural stuff. It agrees well with my skin even with the lavender fragrance in it. I'm also an alum fan and meticulous when it comes to sanitzing blades, lather bowls, the sink, countertop, fresh towels and cleaning my brushes. Heck I even cheese grate my hard soaps so they are always nice, dry and fresh and don't get all yucky from pre soak moisture/mould/undesirables. I just throw a few flakes in a bowl and pre soak them while in the shower before I shave. My soft soaps/'croaps' like Proraso I use a little scooper and do the same.
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