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Thread: SR shavers needs advice for a DE

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    Yeah just like i said, you should buy or test Merkur Futur 700 since the SR dont work for you, I thought Gillette fatboy adjustable butterfly that i got from my dead grandfather was the best till i got the Merkur Futur 700, No DE beats that razor that i know about. Its a shame that SR dont work 4 you cause its easier on your face then a DE and also closer and better shave with SR i have noticed, cause the DE have problems around chin, ears, nose, lips. Did you try different angels with your SR, and different ways of holding the razor? How long is it between the time you got it honed and last time you used your SR? Another possibility is to search for SR shavers near your town and see if they can meet and help you with a real shave with pointers! Dont know if you have someone close to you that can help, but i would have asked an old barber that have a shop or are retired and want to teach away some tricks. Maybe a father/grandfather have used SR before.
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    I bought the Dovo and TI at same time then once I received them allegedly shave ready I sent them off for honing and used them straight away after that for about 3-4 weeks. I get a great shave on my face with a straight it's just on my neck I really struggle to get close. All the areas you say you experience problems with a DE I find more difficult with a straight! My Mergress is a nicely weighted Merkur progress adjustable with the plastic adjustment knob replaced with a metal one. I really wanted straight shaving to work for me but I've tried twice now for a reasonable number of weeks and always had to finish with a DE as I need to be clean shaven for work so it takes me even longer to shave. I've tried it, it didn't work for me so I move on. Just need to get rid of the straights now.

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