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Thread: Personna Blades

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    Either of the Israeli blades work great for me.

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    Yes, yes, the Personna blades are quite good. Of course, they are not as sharp as, say Feather, but I especially like their smoothness. Crystals are similar. For years I have suspected the two are the same blade in different clothing.

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    Some of my favorites. I use both the meds and the labs (which, according to ASR are the same blade with the meds ("For Hospital Use" on the blade) going through an additional cleaning process. I cannot tell any difference between them in actual use although others claim they can. You can get the labs for as little as $13 per 100 shipped on ebay. These are an easy 4 shave blade for me.

    A little more money at WCS: Personna "Lab Blue" Double Edge Blades, 100 per carton

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeithS View Post
    +1 on the Israeli Crystals. Due to the generosity of a member here (thanks TonyN), I've had the chance to try them along with the Reds. The Reds give a smooth, great shave, and are a favorite of my wife's right now, but the Crystals feel just as smooth to me and give a a bit closer shave--they are currently one of my favorite DE blades. The Crystals do seem to come in blue packaging--if those Personnas you've got are repackaged Crystals, you're in for a nice shave.

    Here's the link to Personna's website--but their product descriptions are kinda spotty-- Personna | Personna American Safety Razor Company
    You're welcome Keith. I'm glad you're enjoying them. The Reds and Crystals are a sharp, smooth blade. Maybe not as sharp as some others, but they give a good, smooth shave.
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