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    I love the straight razor. I love the double edge razor. Each provides its own distinct pleasure. Each also provides a superb shave. Because of arthritis in my hands, I use the double edge razor more frequently. Often I use it by itself. When using the straight, I can handle only one pass, two the most, in which case the DE is used as finisher. The DE has always given me just as good a shave as the straight. The DE is also a good travel companion and less demanding. Of course, it does not hold the romance of the straight.

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    Compared to a cartridge razor, you have more control and customizability, as well as much lower cost.

    Comapred to a straight ( and keep in mind that I only use a straight on rare occasions... )

    Lower maintaince
    Sharper blades that can be replaced mid shave if need be.
    safer ( though you can still cut yourself pretty solidly if you are careless)
    easier to learn.
    Less expensive to get started. (there are usable DE razors that can be found for under $5.00, and blade packs for a couple of bucks.)

    obviously straights have several advantages, as well, such as the coolness, the better blade angle control, the rigidness of the blade, etc.

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    Sometimes the angle of the handle and the head size will allow a pass that would be physically impossible with a straight. For example there is a patch where my chin meets my neck where it physically impossible to do an ATG pass with a straight (unless it has a wicked smile) but it is easy with a DE, SE or Rolls.

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    I have to say that I use both every single day i shve my face. The main reason for that is because i use beard as my normal face presentation. I like to use when i have the time, one of my straights. But for my normal day and day procedure a vision 2000, futur, or a Pils DE is what i use. DE are nice if they are aggressive if they are mild for me they are junk. I think this is due to the fact that i also use straights, that it create that aggressive feeling that i'm talking about.

    For me, both tools needs time to be used, in other words, eventhou you use a straight or an aggressive DE razor it take time during the shave because you need practice and a good face preparation. In my shaving world this is the most important part no matter a tool you use.


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    Quote Originally Posted by thebigspendur View Post
    BBS isn't the end all. I can shave with an electric razor and get a BBS every time however 4 hours later there is stubble. If I use a DE I get a very fine shave indeed but 24 hours later there is a good bit more stubble when compared to shaving with a straight.
    Two Thumbs up on that!!!

    I've missed 6 days in over 3 years of not shaving with a Straight! Three were while I was camping (didn't want to slit my throat while looking in the exterior rear view mirror) the other three was testing using a DE.

    I'd used a DE in my youth and found that it gave familiar results! Nice shave but the stubble returned in about 1/2 the time of using a Straight!

    I have some hand shaking and it for some reason is much less at night so when I shave for work, I need a shave that will hold up for at least 24 hours! The Straights give me that!

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    A more enjoyable shave?

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