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Thread: Fastest shavette shave???? (Video)

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    Wow! You demonstrate some real skill and control with your razor. Thank you for sharing it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToShavaDaFace View Post
    Are most of you saying you would've rather took the leisure shave and suffered possible termination from a great job? Shaving is important to me gents, but not that important.
    I completely understand. BUT.....

    Any employer who would fire someone over a measly day's worth of stubble is not worth working for, IMHO. Life`s too short for that kind of BS, my friend.
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    I'm not very good at mornings so I shave at night...keeps me shaved enough to not rouse the ire of any bosses...but that's just me.

    But it was speedy...

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    Very nice and quick, well done for being able to get the job done, out the door and presentable for a day's work. We've all had a rush shave in the past. The worst I've had is a dry shave with a single blade Bic.

    I'd like also say the guy in the video shaves nothing like I do; it's interesting how we all vary. That sort of shave would kill my face, I'd have gone WTG first; regardless of rushing. I'm lucky, a single WTG pass is adequate for almost everything. Maybe if I was back in the Army and Sergeant in Charge of the Regimental Guard tonight I would HAVE to do two passes, but for me, a single WTG satisfies everything accept maybe my own fingers.

    I DO really take my time sometimes, but on average a non-rush standard single WTG pass morning shave takes 10 minutes, 12-17 with two passes; from wetting face to all packed up, with a dried but not yet oiled razor.

    Nice, fast job in the video, though! :-)
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