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Thread: Still nicking

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    A DE is designed to be used at a given angle determined by the head design. Fixed gap solid bar razors vary in the amount of blade exposure (the difference in height between the blade and the bar. I have not shaved with this Parker, but it sounds like it is on the order of EJ 89 or Merkur 34 HD. This might be too much of a gap for your face. Also, you may be lowering the razor and increasing the blade angle on your face.

    Try going slow and taking small strokes (about 1" at a time). Pay attention to how you are holding the razor and how well you are maintaining the correct angle. If this doesn't help, then consider an adjustable Merkur Progress or vintage Gillette adjustable. Also, I find the Merkur open comb heads to be forgiving but still efficient. Finding the razor and blade combination that suits your face is a trial and error process. I shave with both straights and DEs and enjoy them both. You don't have to use only one or the other.
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    Are the nicks consistent? I have one spot were the grain of my hair flips backwards and i have to be careful to flip the razor and go with the grain or I'm cut. Oth1er than that the only time i nick is if i roll the blade off angle. And I'm using an 8 dollar razor with derby blades so i couldn't possibly get anything cheaper

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