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Thread: Gillette Slim or Fat Boy

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    I think the Fatboy looks better, as for the performance, I couldn't tell you because I've never used one, although the general consensus seems to be that they're great razors. Here's an idea......get both!
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    I have been shaving with my Slim for years now. I love it. I was using a Merkur Classic before that, but the Slim shaves better, especially since it's adjustable.

    The Slim is the right weight and balance for me, so I don't have a need for a heavier razor.
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    The slim is a great razor and is more mechanically reliable, but there is a difference in shave, since the head geometry is somewhat different. Both are exceptional razors, and both give great shaves. The fatboy costs more for it's collectability value (older, considered cooler looking, and a lot less were made), more than it's shaving advantages. Gillette made a third razor in that basic family, the "super adjustible", which si also an excellent razor, and also shaves a little differently (and it comes in a long handle version as well), so you may want to consider that option, too.

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