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Thread: picking a safety razor

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    Default picking a safety razor

    Hey I already use a straight but have never tried a double edge. I'm interested in trying one but am not sure which way to go. I've read some are more aggressive than others and have heard the same about different blades. What are some good options to try out that won't break the bank too badly?

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    No experience, but this recent thread caught my interest: Weber DE Razors

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    My first DE was a new Merkur Classic 33C ($35). It shaved very well. I gave it to my brother when I introduced him to wet shaving.

    A coworker gave me his old (1963) Gillette Slim Adjustable DE. That shaves very well too, depending on what angle you set it to. Different blades work best under different angles.

    For a beginner, I would recommend getting an adjustable DE razor. They are more expensive than a non-adj, but are worth it. A Merkur Progress adjustable is about $65. There are more expensive adjustable DEs, but I am not sure if they're worth buying now.

    If you a vintage DE, then eBay or local flea markets is the way to go.

    Also, get a sampler pack of DE razors so that you can try out different blades and determine which ones work best for you. Not all DE blades work equally well with each person.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kwlfca View Post
    Hey I already use a straight but have never tried a double edge. I'm interested in trying one but am not sure which way to go. I've read some are more aggressive than others and have heard the same about different blades. What are some good options to try out that won't break the bank too badly?
    The double edge safety razor range covers scores of razors: Edwin Jagger, Muhle, Merkur, Feather, Weber, iKon, Tradere, Titan, among others. Then there is the big range of vintage Gillette razors. Each brand has distinct characteristics. I suggest starting with something that is a mid-range shaver, not too tame and not too wild, and that it has quality. Edwin Jagger is such a razor. Also its closed comb neighbor, Muhle. For a blade, try Gillette 7 O'Clock Sharp Edge, PermaSharp Super, Polsilver Iridium, Feather or Personna "red."
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    Edwin Jagger EJ89L
    You will not be disappointed.
    Beautiful finish and well made.
    A keeper.
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    I use a straight pretty much every shave now but I've been looking at the Dreadnought Spartan DE safety razor for traveling. It looks really awesome and according to all the reviews it's a top notch shaver.

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    The Merkur 34C (aka the HD) is considered a good starter razor by many. I started with its long handled sibling, the 38C, with great results.

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    I agree with Ryan82, the HD is a legit DE for beginers and vets alike. I started with the Futur wich I love, but is a bit more aggessive and expensive than an HD. If it's something you want to try at a reasonable cost the HD is great. Also if there are any local stores that carry DE razors check them out so you can feel the weight and balance in your hand to see what feels best. I would definitely get a blade sampler pack to see which blade you like the best. Try and stay away from feathers until you get comfortable with your DE since they are pretty unforgiving. Try ASCO Orange. they're f'n awesome and cheap!!
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    +1 on the above advice.

    If you don't mind a vintage razor, then as others have suggested, Gillette had some excellent razors in their vintage models.

    The Superspeed is very available, and tends to be less expensive than the other models.

    I have and use the following vintage Gillette's :

    New (open comb model from #66/77 set)

    Paired with a suitable blade, they are all super-shavers

    More important than anything else to do with double edge safety razors, is the choice of blade.

    This is incredibly personal, so recommendations from other shavers must be taken with a pinch of salt.

    Get the largest blade sampler pack and have at it

    These days, if I use a safety razor, it tends to be a GEM or Ever-Ready single edge razor; for me, these give the best safety razor shaves I have ever had

    Good luck !

    Have fun !

    Best regards

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    Good advice above. I've been a DE shaver for a while and tried almost everything recommended above and they all worked well. I'd say just pick any of those that appeal to you and go for it.

    I think if I was going to pick one, it would be the Weber. It's stainless steel so it'll last you the rest of your life and your kids and grandkids could probably use it the rest of their lives too. 3-piece razors are really easy to clean and have a nice smooth, solid feel to them. So that would be my choice but if you find a Gillette Fatboy at an antique store for $10, you should really pick that up too.

    The Gem single-edge razors don't work for me. There's only 2 real choices of blade for them and they just don't feel sharp enough to me. Injector razors are great IMO though. I get consistently close comfortable shaves from them and I could easily live with a Schick instead of a DE.

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