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Thread: Would a Shavette be a Better Option?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndependenceRazor1 View Post
    There are advantages to a shavette: not expensive, no honing/stroping, and safety razor blades are plenty sharp.
    The disadvantages are: they are small/light/unwieldy, have nasty corners, and safety razor blades are plenty sharp.
    Overall, maybe not the best choice for a beginning wet shaver to use on personal parts other than the face.
    If you are enthusiastic to proceed, best get some hands-on coaching.
    LOL. I'm not sure he wants hands on coaching when it comes to shaving his lady's parts.
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    I have a standing offer to all the attractive women local to me. To "coach" them in the use of straight razors in their grooming routine.
    Alas none have taken me up on it however. For some reason they seem to think I have ulterior motives. I only wish to share this wonderful hobby.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JOB15 View Post
    A straight razor for arm pits, she would be a brave lady.
    I saw a roadside barber in India once shaving his clients armpits with a straight.......

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    I have always shaved with a Straight at home, but on the road, I used a DE.

    About 5 years ago I decided to try a Shavette on the road instead of a DE. Bottom line, a Shavette is not for me. My Straight Razor is much more forgiving and eaier to shave with than a Shavette. I tried different blades in the Shavette, but ended up with many more nicks and cuts than I ever got with my Straight Edge. Sure, YMMV, so if you can shave with a Shavette, it's a great option. No stropping, eacy to get blades, always sharp as long as you rotate the blades. It's just not for me. It's either my DE or my Straight Razor.

    For a woman? Definately a DE.
    "I get some lather and lather-up, then I get my razor and shave! Zip Zop, see that? My face Is ripped to shreads!"

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    Not "totally" antique, but a German Merkur Futur , made in Soligen Germany in 24K gold is quite a nice razor, PLUS the ends of the DE blade are protected by the overlay of the top cap, and it's fully adjustable as well. I have 2 of them, 1 in Gold and one in brushed chrome. Fantastic shavers and for under arms and other places, more safe than normal DE razors that expose the end of the blade. The 24 K Gold model is really not that expensive and it's a shining beauty to behold. Google Merkur Futur Gold and you can see pics of what I mean.

    Straight for under arms and other places.... No. Problem is the length of blade. A while back I bought a razor that was a very nice Soligen Germany razor, Empire Cutlery Works for $5.00 at local antique store. Problem was it was nice except for a big notch out of the front of the cutting edge. So, I used my Dremel and cut off the front, and then the 1" belt sander with 800 grit belt to reshape the end to round. Progressively moved up the belt grit, through 2000 grit and then the leather belt. Result was it came out looking like a short stubby straight, but because it was short it was also easy to shave with as it did not cut as much whiskers in a pass. Temper was not removed and the blade took an edge pretty well. Something that was short "may" work for women underarms and other delicate places, but I would still stick to DE.
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    The stubby razor barely over 2" cutting width compared to a Revisor 5/8 razor I have.
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