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Thread: When a razor is in top shape sharp wise

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    I'm with Gasman, I gave up on BBS quite awhile back just not worth the trouble, I do two passes which consists of one WTG and the second is a como od XTG/ATG and call it good, i have tried 3 passes plus but always get irratation especially right under my chin, I am guessing it's just a sensative area as i use no pressure but it still haunts me so I shoot for DFS and am good with that.
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    I typically don't deliberately chase BBS. I do my first pass WTG and depending on mood, time, temperatment, razor feel, I do the 2nd X-grain on the cheeks and chin and lip, and against the grain on the neck. Sometimes if I really want a BBS for whatever reason (special occasion) I grab my Jagger DE with a Feather blade for a cleanup pass after the straight shave just to "mop-up". Yes, I can mop-up with my straight, but I'm talking deliberately chasing a BBS shave here. If I really want to chase that super BBS feel, nothing seems to get it done better than first two passes with my straight, then a cleanup with a Feather blade in my Jagger.
    Those Feather blades in the right razor for your skin type and preference really can shine, but as a straight lover, I always seem to stick mostly with a straight blade.

    I usually get a DFS (damn fine shave) with all of my straight razors and that's good enough for me.

    As mentioned earlier YMMV is the key here. Diet, weight, skin type, blades, razors, soaps, etc. all have an effect on shaving. I've been able to do a DFS with two passes of my straight. Many would call that good and move on to aftershaving treatment.

    The art of shaving has many rabbit holes. 1 pass or 3 passes, DE or straight or shavette or a combination of these, there are mny choices depending on what is a priority to you that day - or what you are in the mood for. When I use a Shavette, I typically do ONE pass with the shavette, and 2nd with a DE as I find that I cut myself on 2nd or 3rd pass with a shavette trying to go X-Grain or Against-Grain.

    Whatever you deside.....Have fun and enjoy!

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    What is a BBS? I agree with the 2nd post; the one from Geezer.

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    BBS = Baby Butt Smooth

    Cheers, Steve
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    The quickest way to BBS is to stop trying to get them. When your trying for BBS most people will use more pressure. Less pressure is the key IMO.
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