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Thread: Messed up

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    +1 on don't rush.

    I was in a slight hurry yesterday to get to the doctor for my flu shot. I was shaving with a old Torrey that has many cosmetic faults, but which has a wicked sharp edge. I ended up with two nicks around the chin...none serious. I can usually go several weeks without even a weeper. Two nicks in the same shave is definitely unusual. I should have either slowed down or picked up the DE. As it turned out, we got to the doctor early, so there was no need to rush.
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    At least you didn't have to go back to the hospital with it.

    All lessons learned are good lessons in my book.
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    I believe there are only two types of Straight razor shavers...

    Those who have cut themselves...
    And those who are about to do it again...

    I'm moved past my "I don't know what I'm doing" and "hurry cuts" phase - now I seem to get "distracted cuts"

    They do bleed the same I've noticed...

    You just feel more chastiesed - as in: "you have been doing this for years now and you suddenly think you can answer a question from the SWMBO and land a razor on your chin at the same time?"

    There...I feel better now...thank you...
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    +1 "Distracted" cuts are definitely my biggest enemy these days. I never use the straight when I am in a hurry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlanQ View Post
    Yesterday I went to the hospital before work (planned routine stuff no emergency) and got home earlier than expected so I decided if I hurried I could shave before I went to work. Well Im all sure you can figure out what happened next.A few cuts and a chunk taken out of my neck later and I was off to work after a lousy shave and actually ended up getting there 15 mins early

    Just a reminder, straight razors and the word HURRY or any of its synonyms just dont go together well
    Now you know!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottGoodman View Post
    Now you know!
    That's the really sad part. I have taught myself this lesson many many times but apparently I am not a quick learner
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