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Thread: Should a properly honed and stropped razor

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    If it's well honed and stropped, you just eliminated two of the most important variables in the good shave equation.

    Outside of those two variables, your prep or technique may be suspect. In the beginning, I suggest you over prep. Over time, figure out what prep steps you can eliminate and still get good results.

    For technique, watch tons of videos, ask specific questions here, and slowly advance your skills. For now, forget about scything, buffing and against the grain passes. Save the fancy stuff for later.

    Oh, yeah, have fun.

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    It will become second nature but you need to give the razor a work surface.
    The stretching needs to match the pattern of your beard and each pass will/may need a separate set up.
    Slack skin will give you a tugging shave and the nicks and cuts come fast and furious...
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    Will a properly tuned and adjusted race car be properly driven by a 16 year old boy who just completed his driver's training course but has not yet been behind the wheel of any car yet?

    The user and the tool both are parts of the equation.
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    No it really should not, again if your are shaving in the realm of properly.
    Technique pressure, stretching. mindful of growth direction etc is really the heart of a comfy shave.
    Edge performance can vary from just sharp enough to laser sharp anything in that range should be do able.
    Any thing that calls itself shave soap should do the job regardless of price. I would never blame a bad shave on a soap. If your shave is tuggy and irritating its you not the soap. Although a good soap can make a good shave great for more esoteric reasons.
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