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Thread: Should a properly honed and stropped razor

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    Default Should a properly honed and stropped razor

    have any pull or discomfort at all?

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    You have to qualify that a bit more

    A shave ready razor will shave fine ASSUMING you are doing your part too

    Prep Lather Angle Stroke all these things are almost as important to the Smooth Comfortable Shave
    "No amount of money spent on a Stone can ever replace the value of the time it takes learning to use it properly"
    Very Respectfully - Glen

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    There are a few things that cause discomfort. One thing that I am absolutely convinced of is lousy soap/lather. You might have spent what seemed like a crazy amount of money on a soap but it might not be worth the container that holds it. That's one element. Another is the honing/edge. It might be sharp but is it smooth? Did the serrations get honed out? Is there any chipping? Did you push it too far? And finally, are you using good technique. If you have discomfort one of these things is likely to be out of whack. Start by getting your razor honed by someone that is considered an expert. That eliminates one variable. Then check your lather. Be sure its not too dry. Use the lightest pressure possible and be sure you're angle is cutting not scraping.

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    One additional thing I might add to all these great suggestions, is related to the beard you are trying to cut.
    In my case, if I go a day or two without shaving, my tough beard and sensitive skin causes discomfort but it's the discomfort of the thick beard pulling against the skin before the blade cuts through the hair. It's not that the razor isnt sharp or honed improperly, it's just the hair is thick and presses the skin. It feels differently than pulling from a dull razor.

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    Maybe my bread is not as much like wire a redsfan75. I enjoy a shave after 2 days stubble. But thats just me. YMMV as they say. One thing I have found lately that I've noticed a difference in the quality of the shave (Now I might be just crazy here) is the angle of the bevel set. Not just my shave angle. If a blade has been honed at 22+ degrees and not closer to the 17 degrees that I like, I can come away with a not so smooth shave.
    But I agree with everyone opinions here. Great info and hope the OP figures out his issues.
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    It's just Sharpening, right?

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    A shave ready razor with a poor technique will produce an uncomfortable shave.
    It will also shorten the life of the edge.
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    No, provided your technique is good, for example the blade angle isn't too high.

    You can sometimes feel more resistance than others depending on how much growth you have as RedsFan75 says, but it isn't pulling. But certainly never discomfort under any circumstances. Get your razor properly honed - lol.

    Cheers, Steve

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    Did you Strop before shaving? If so that may be one cause if your Strop technique is weak.
    Could be prep. Lather. Angle you are holding razor at.
    Level of expertise with a straight.
    And many other reasons.

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    For me, there is a BIG difference if I don't prep well first. For the best shave for me it's hot water and lots of it plus a hot towel if I have the time
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