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Thread: Hard water? Slickness killer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrHouston View Post
    Snip.....In the mean time, I need lather that is stable and slick for 8-10 minutes, for each of 3 passes.
    Why not try only lathering 1/2 of you face, or each cheek and then you neck separately and then shave that area. Then you will always have good lather
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dieseld View Post
    Why not try only lathering 1/2 of you face, or each cheek and then you neck separately and then shave that area. Then you will always have good lather
    I like to think when you lather up the lather helps condition your whiskers so you start with the easier areas and progress to the harder ones giving the lather more time to work.

    if you do it in quadrants then the rest of your skin dries and you lose the conditioning action and your basically starting from scratch with each area.
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    Word, I lather up my entire face at once, granted I don't take that long to shave

    I let the lather sit / work the longest on the "hardest" parts, being my mustache area, I shave both sides of my face first and the goatee area last; I notice a difference if I shave it last or not, the lather does a great job softening things up, it's not necessary but it helps and I think it'll be a little easier on the edge as well.

    I usually lather up entirely, shave one side, and then when going to the other side, put some water on my brush still filled with later and give the other side a watery lathery stroke over the existing lather, and do the same for the goatee area, works well for me.

    Hard water is still a PITA though (:
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    I admit I have not read this entire thread. That being said, I wanted to do an experiment last night with my shave. I have hard water, bad hard water. So last night I tried using bottled water to soak my brush as well as make my lather. What I noticed, the lather seemed to be produced a bit quicker and of a better quality, it did not dry out as quick, and after a stroke the lather and whiskers seems to rinse off the blade easier. I honestly did not notice a slicker lather but a better lather. I am going to continue to try this with different soaps and such and see what happens. Last night was Co. Bigelow, cream in a tube.
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