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Thread: New to group

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    Quote Originally Posted by wmrayt View Post
    Just joined the group and excited to find a group of like minded people to discuss blades. Live in the south central Illinois, US.
    Been using replaceable blade SR for years . Tried to hone a old razor several times with no luck. See now why. Had no idea of the super fine grit needed to do this.
    Old razors can be good or bad, hard or easy when it comes to shaving.

    I suspect you should look for someone here that will look at your razor
    and hone it for you. In the US a fixed rate USPS box is inexpensive to anyplace
    in the US so honing in Ohio or Idaho or someplace have the same shipping

    Once correctly honed, you will need a good strop before you need a hone so find a 'honemaster' and
    a good strop... lather up and have fun.

    Some old razors are fine and can be honed quickly and inexpensively.
    Other razors are terrible, abused, warped or a razor like thing that can not
    cut warm butter or musket ball patches. A honemaster can tell quickly...

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    welcome!!! and enjoy the wisdom these guys can provide!!!!


    honing my mind...

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    Welcome to the forum.
    Meets are great places to learn. In the mean time read some threads and enjoy the place.
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    Welcome grasshopper. Watch Lynn Abrams videos on honing and stropping. Ask questions and trial and error. I tried JNats, and many stones until I saw Lynn working with Naniwa's and that gave me quality edges. Remember, there are many variables, steel of the razor, stones, technique etc.. It is a journey to get the ability to turn out a razor that shaves smooth and close. The satisfaction is finding the ability to find the proper results.

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    First and Foremost, have a Pro or and Experienced Member hone your razor for you. It will be sent back Pre-Stropped and that will take a bit out of the equation of what you are or are not doing correctly.

    As far as honing goes here's my standard advice: Wait at least a year before you even attempt to learn to hone (I did). You need to learn how to Properly Strop, Make Lather, and of course Shave with your straight. It is possible to mess up a perfectly honed edge by improper honing and taking a razor to a hone can multiply the damage.

    Once you have semi learned the above then a simple hone to 'maintain' your razor is the way to start. A Naniwa 12K is used quite often for simple maintenance OR a Barbers Hone.

    This age old art takes time to learn but once semi accomplished it is very rewarding.

    Take your time, go slow and it will all come together.

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    What cuddarunner said....and welcome to the Forum. If you have someone properly hone a razor you will know what to aspire to. Take your time.
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