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Thread: After a Year with a Straight

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    Very nicely put, and good advice to anyone who thinks about taking up this hobby.

    I like the observation about the “coarse” beard.
    How many times do we read posts from members who describe their stubble as “steel wire”, “coarse” or otherwise particularly difficult to shave, and wonder how meticulous or sloppy this particular member’s pre-shave routine might be?

    Also, after years of shaving almost daily with a straight, I still experiment from time to time with minor changes and find that some do make for a better shave.
    By no means major discoveries, but small improvements nevertheless.

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    I'm kinda in that try something new ever shave phase lol. Mainly with my edges. I've been shaving well with nothing more than a Chosera 1k thats about a 1/4" thich from Glen. And a Jnat Nakyama Asagi if you must know lol. Also got a light green thuringian and get some freaking killer edges. So now I play around with my finishing technique like almost every night. lol
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    I'm about 10 mos. into my personal journey.

    I was of a mind that I wanted to "do it right", so I bought new equipment and some junk to practice honing. My first attempt at SR shaving was a full face attempt. It wasn't a great shave by my current standard, but I didn't bleed and it got my confidence up.

    I honed and honed that junk razor and never did get it as sharp as I wanted it, but I learned. My first attempt at honing my daily shaver did not result in a magical experience, but my second attempt did.

    I sliced up my Illinois #127 pretty good, but by the time I developed some technique and a little bit of muscle memory, I decided that it was time to upgrade, and I was getting some fine if not awesome shaves.

    During the year that I've been teaching myself to shave, I learned more about the activity from the members of this board than I had by shaving daily with a cartridge for the past 40 years. Dumb, simple stuff... Like add a little water, shake before use, or READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.

    Now I got a pile of SR shaving gear that could well last me the rest of my life, and I think I need more.

    Anyway... It's been a heck of a lot of fun, and I want you guys to know that I appreciate you all.

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