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Thread: From bearded back to clean shaven

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    I did much the same for the start of Movember this year, albeit with a 3-4 month beard rather than a full year. I can 100% relate to your experience! I think I am also sleeping better now that my evening ritual has returned.
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    It was in original condition, faded red, well-worn, but nice.
    This was and still is my favorite combination; beautiful, original, and worn.
    -Neil Young

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    Excellent, did the same myself about 2 months ago, off came the goatee.

    Like hoping back on the shaving learning curve, but lots of fun shaving the entire face.

    Should be a challenge here, if you shave with a straight, you gotta take it all off and have a clean shaven face for a couple of shaves. If you can't do a full face shave, you're missing out and lacking some blade skills IMO.

    I've let the goatee grow and more beard grow back a few times, just to have the fun of plowing it all off again.

    First time I did the entire face thing, figured it would be easy peasey, no chance, was much harder than it looked.

    Followed Willi's video, he makes it look a lot easier than it is, but I'm a master now, upper lip became much easier than getting a squeaky clean chin, but everyone should give it a go.

    My man Willi (who was a member here, might still be), who inspired me on this journey, along with an old member Jack who kept a daily diary, those were the days......

    He made it look so, so easy.....

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    I love that video.
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    It's not what you know, it's who you take fishing!

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