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    So, anybody using a 2-razor shaving combination?

    Since Covid, I found that we were going out much less and I developed a habit of not shaving daily. I shaved every 2-3 days, which made for some good shave test for honed razors, but I found that razor stubble helped keep a cloth mask on my face. I have a couple silky cloth masks, my daughter gave me, that I kept in the cars and were easy to breathe through. My bride tossed them in with the wash regularly.

    I had recently picked up a nice heavy 7/8ths Romer, I could find nothing on this razor, but it is nicely ground and fitted in black horn scales. One of my razor picker found it and I gave her $20 for it.

    The Romer is heavier, longer, (about ”) and thicker than a Wade Butcher FBU, but much nicer hollow ground and finished. It is a beast.

    I have never been a fan of heavy wide razors to shave with but do like the look. This razor with a Jnat edge plowed through 2-3 day of beard like it was not there. You just hear a swoosh, no hesitation, no chatter, no hair pop, just swoosh.

    About the same time from the same gal, (she puts aside razors for me at her antique shop, she knows what I like), I bought a near NOS, never honed Filarmonica no. 12, in a pristine white Filarmonica box. This razor probably lived its life in the sock drawer.

    It too got a Jnat edge and shaves a dream. So, with the Covid beard I started to shave with the pair, a weed whacking WTG pass with the Romer, and a second WTG, ATG pass with the Filly and done.

    It is a sweet combination with these two shavers, the Romer is a bulldozer and the Filly a nimble sports car.

    Anybody else doing this?

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    Is that the Hansel and Gretel Mark?
    I am still doing my week per razor routine. The stubble does keep the masks in place.
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    Never thought about using two razors to shave my face. However, since reading the post, I have some bulldozer's and some sports cars. Maybe give it a go....
    Semper Fi !


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    I've been doing this to test my honing as well. I picked up some blades from a member here that I swear didn't cut my whiskers but they melted them off my face. Ridiculously sharp. So I use those blades as a benchmark to compare my honing to. I have a long way to go but am loving the journey and the challenge.

    I have also been using a third blade as a third pass touch up to again judge my honing. Learning a lot. My challenge now is to decide what blade to bring on our first ever family vacation to northern Wisconsin next week. My guide offered to take me and my six year old son out on the house. I'll probably pack the first razor my had reaches for.

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    My ‘Covid beard shaving’ was more like a ‘Covid beard growing’ season, as Covid caught us in the middle of our post-retirement move from the Middle East to Portugal.

    Hence a lot of stuff - including most of my razors - spent a much longer time in a warehouse awaiting shipment than anticipated.
    When we finally got to Portugal the renovation of our Coimbra house was still ongoing and we thus stayed for a few months in Lisbon. In line with a large part of the male population of the Iberian peninsula, I had then decided to grow a beard.

    Once we were able to move into our house and I had grown tired of the beard, I went back to my daily shaves.
    As I haven’t used (most of) my straights for a long time it is currently one different razor every day, except for a short interlude when I was playing with my new Tatara Masamune Nodachi toy that gives surprisingly good shaves for a safety razor.

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