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Thread: Straight razor learning curve

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    No need to not use DEs. Just stick with straights only for a year. Then pick up the DEs. I have spent a lot of time learning to switch from one style razor to another and get great shaves from all.

    Its just another level of wet shaving to learn. Right now im working my way though all my injectors. I have and use over 200 straights and over 100 other razors. It all part of the fun.
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    It's just Sharpening, right?

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    It's good to be able to shave with both razors.

    I've been dedicated to the straight, since I was 17. But I'm glad I can use both, after almost loosing the end of my thumb on my dominate hand a couple years ago, so I wasn't able to shave and maintain/strop my straights. But I could still shave with a DE with my non dominant hand.

    Good to be well rounded. And a little pink in the sink every now and then, is acceptable. It happens with any device used to shave with.
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