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    Not me.

    I took up straight razor shaving because I wanted to learn a centuries-old skill but also because I wanted to experience a level of closeness and comfort in my shaves that cannot be surpassed by any other razor.

    None of the above is compatible with a single pass shave.

    The closest for me would be a two-pass shave in the evening after an early start (and shave) in the morning to make myself presentable for a special occasion.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CrescentCityRazors View Post
    One pass, for me. My razors stay pretty sharp, and if I don't have perfect BBS all over, nobody notices and nobody would care if they did. One pass almost guarantees no irritation, too. DE, sometimes two passes, but a straight or a shavette I only need a single pass. I also don't worry so much these days about shave direction. Here's a video, single pass, several weeks of growth, GD66 razor.
    Thanks. Iím taking plenty of time with just one pass.

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