Thanks for the help, ill try that out tomorrow

Just had my 2nd shave, and I didnt ruin the edge stropping!

I did my left sideburn and cheek which is my non-dominant side with a str8 for the first time, it went well, no nicks or cuts . On the right side i progressed a little further down my neck. I did my mustache area using XTG, but i nicked myself twice, but they were very small nicks and i did the entire mustache area. I did under my lip and a little of my chin and nicked myself once, but again it was small. So i tried the right "corner" of my chin to progress down my neck, except as i went across the corner i cut myself, its maybe 4mm long but it didnt hurt which is great . So i stopped there, gave my razor a good clean to remove any blood and oiled her nicely for tomorrows shave . I found i cut and nicked myself with the toe of the blade, so I have to remember to keep a larger area on my skin .

I have been having trouble making a nice lather though, but todays lather was better than yesterdays . Atmo im using a wide shallow coffee cup (could fit half a tennis ball in it) as my lather maker container, but i just need some practice lol.

Any tips on lather or shaving or anything are ALWAYS welcome!

This is very addictive lol