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Thread: Thebigspendurs axioms of shaving

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    Quote Originally Posted by niftyshaving View Post
    Yes, Keep a DE or even a toss away (BiC or the like) handy
    for the days when the str8 is not right.

    And sure if you have a rotation of str8s or a feather then what you
    reach for when todays edge is unexpectedly dull or mismatched
    to your face is up to you.

    And always if you had a good shave yesterday -- walking away could be an option.
    The DE is a great idea, I bought one when I began a year ago. There are days when one is a hurry, and it's best not to use the straight. Not leaving the straight touching the skin because your hand may involuntarily move and you get cut like I did. And buy a razor from a vendor that sells them honed. I bought my first straight razor from SRD a Dovo Best Quality 5/8 half hollow, messed it up with bad stropping but with the 8000 Norton brought it back to life. For a long time while I learned I alternated between the straight, a Parker shavette, and the DE. I used to shave one or two days with the straight per week, now the straight is the norm and only when in a hurry I pick up the DE. Also a DE can help if you start with the straight and some situation pops up that you have to hurry. This is really a great thread. I've learned a lot.

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    Don't Cook Bacon While Shaving Naked!

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    Thank you guys for the tips.

    I'm a long time DE user, with which I always get BBS. That is to say that I know how my face looks like when I'm done shaving.

    Now it's two weeks I'm using a straight razor, bur reading this thread I understand that there must be something wrong in my techinique or in my razor or both. The first pass, following the grain, doesn't remove much, just a rough removal. I couldn't go out that way. Then the two ATG I do still leave a some hair, especially on the chin. Not a BBS at all, I must finish with the dear old DE not to seem too strange!

    I've seen videos where people get a very good shave just with the first WTG pass, so I think my razor is not sharp enought. I tried honing with a chinese 12000 and it helped a bit, but there's still a lot to improve. The razor cuts my arm's hair easily. What am I doing wrong?

    I know you have little elements to answer, but, any help would be very appreciated.

    My tips is (it works with the DE at least): put the razor in hot water, it shaves better than when it's cold.

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    Well, I think your razor is not as okay as you may think. For me, my razor on the first pass is always good enough. When I shave, the only place I even do more than one pass is on my neck, where I do a couple. First wtg, second atg, and then I feel for any bit of beard that "feels" to be longer, yet I can't see it. The same for my facial area as well. I do sometimes trim it up a little, but only after feeling around and feeling if it is really needed (it's in the feel, if you get my meaning). I mean, unless you have a beard like that big guy from that show "Highway to Heaven," you might need to go the whole route; but, by and large, I think sometimes some people over shave. I don't really know what to tell you. Maybe you should have a razor professionally honed so to at least give you a point of reference. Because, I can say truthfully, something's not right with your current method. And you should probably begin there. I mean, this should be a pleasant experience, not an episode that you regret you have to perform every day. Personally, I find my shaving to be a pleasant experience. I put my little radio on and I go into my own world for a short time. I also no longer fear it. Since I haven't cut myself in ages, the occasional little nick here and there keeps me on my toes. By and large, for me, it's the pleasure of using the varying shapes and sizes of razors in my working collection; and, make no mistake, my razors are gainfully employed. Razors were meant to be used and if you're just a pretty face that does not perform, well then, you're out of here. So, that's where I would begin if I were you. Make sure you have an extremely (scar-sharp [I love that term]) razor. And get yourself some chro-ox; strop the bugger; and, keep us informed.

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    At the moment whilst learning I like to regard straight shaving as a slow and relaxing Sunday shave. If I haven't got time for that I don't do it. I agree it should be enjoyable otherwise I wouldn't be spending all this money on razors, strop, brushes, etc. If it's rushed and sore it's not enjoyable. I also no longer look for BBS that I got from a DE. It may come with experience it may not but it's no longer the holy grail. My skin looks and feels better with straight shaving so if I feel a bit of stubble there I don't mind.
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    Quote Originally Posted by simmo3801 View Post
    I also no longer look for BBS that I got from a DE. It may come with experience it may not but it's no longer the holy grail. My skin looks and feels better with straight shaving so if I feel a bit of stubble there I don't mind.
    It will get better than a DE IME with more experience and with a truly shave ready razor. But one way or the other, like you say, looks better feels better.
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    If your brush/hone/strop/soap falls onto the floor, make absolutely certain that your razor is not in your hand before you bend over to pick it up.

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    I bear witness to axiom number 4... it was a cold morning when i decided to strop my razor before a nice shave. however, i walked just about 6 feet towards my strop with my open razor which i held in my right hand. it is beyond my comprehension, but it seems that the edge transversed through time and space and lashed at my left thumb, leaving a deep gash right beside the nail the point is that i learnt to keep my razor open only when needed i.e. stropping and shaving, not before and not after. because no matter how careful you are, the edge will find you!
    happy shaving to all!

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    Very useful tips! Thanks for sharing!

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    Ok guys,

    my turn to write down some recommendations. I'm far from being an expert, but I've been shaving with straights for a while now. What I put down below comes from direct experience

    1. Keep your razor closed! Really, I mean it! Open the razor only when needed and keep it closed otherwise. I have a nice scar in my thumb to remember me that.
    2. Lather, lather and more lather! No lather, no blade! Your blade should never go where there's no lather! Ignore this and you'll get cuts and nicks.
    3. Proper lather! Spend time to learn how to get a nice and smooth lather. Lather keeps the blade flowing, if it dries, re-lather. If there's too little lather: re-lather.
    4. Do not aim for BBS when you begin! Especially if you are coming from multi-bladed cartridges you may want to get that very same BBS shave you were used to; if you used to do ATG it's even worse. The shave you get with a cartridge is a CLOSE shave, not just a shave. If you aim to get that close with your first shaves with a straight you will be disappointed.
    5. Take your time! Not just to learn the technique, I really mean the time that you need to shave. If you think you can shave with a straight in 2 minutes in the morning when you are in an hurry, well, be prepared to the worst! I'm not trying to scare anyone, but hurry and SR do not go well together, especially when you begin.
    6. Yes, the learning curve really is that long! No shortcuts, no cheating! You will need time and practice.
    7. Always, always know where your blade is.
    8. Never underestimate your razor and do not get too confident in just a few days. Ignore this, and your blade will gladly remember you why I wrote this one (check out the "Cut of the day" thread for some examples )
    9. If the blade is sharp, you need no pressure on your face. If you need to press it, your are doing it wrong. If you come from DE or cartridge pay lot of attention to pressure. Pressure = irritation or razor burns
    10. Watch your angles! There are plenty of threads on this topic in the forum, read them.
    11. Proper preparation is the key to a comfortable shave. This is even more true if your have a tick and hard beard.
    12. Get an alum block and use it at the end of your shave. Once you have shaved, rinse your face in cold water and then use the alum block. It's a great indicator on how well you shaved; if it stings like hell, you put too pressure, you used wrong angles, you have a bad edge or possibly all of them. It's also useful to identify the areas of your face where you need to improve your technique. (and it's also a wonderful solution for nicks and cuts )
    13. On top of an aftershave, you may want to use some sort of soothing balm or cream. It'll help keeping your skin soft and protected.
    14. Do not try to do a whole shave with the straight since the beginning. Follow the tips that you find on this forum and in the wiki.
    15. Stropping. Stropping is one of those key elements that you'll need to master in order to get a great shave. When you get your first razor have it honed by a professional and do no strop it at your first shave. Use the razor as it come in. I can promise you that when you try and strop your first razor for the first time you will have very good chances to dull the blade.
    16. Practice does not make perfect; perfect practice make perfect! That means that you need to keep calm and master every single tiny step before you move to the next one.

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