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Thread: Some of My Razors are Home!

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    Default Some of My Razors are Home!

    I was just looking and honestly thought that I had already posted these here. I had to do a search of my own profile to realize that I guess I hadn't. Anyways, Glen aka "gssixgun" just send me a batch of my razors back. Here are a few that he did the most work on. The others were just cleaned and honed and will come up in my SOTD posts...

    I got this W.Greaves & Sons from a local antique shop that I frequent on occasion. I've gotten to know the owners and they gave me a really good deal. It had some rust and a pretty blah set of replacement scales so I/we decided to change them too. I wanted a vintage, original look and boy does it look good.

    (forgot to measure. I'll edit this later) W. Greaves & Sons Sheafworks


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    After Glen worked his magic... Here's a quote of what he did.

    Scales: Translucent streaked Horn @ .105
    Wedge: Vintage lead
    Steel Finish: Satin Glow
    Pins: NiAg
    Washers: Outside / Double stacked SS Internal / Brass
    Honing: Chosera 1-5-10, Select Grade Coticule finisher

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    This one is a 5/8 W&B Extra Hollow that I found online. Unfortunately I don't have any before pics. The scales were plain black celluloid and were not salvageable. Here's what was done.

    Scales: Bone Linen Micarta @.110
    Wedge: Vintage Lead
    Steel Finish: Light Satin
    Pins: Solid Brass
    Washers: Brass In and Out
    Honing: Chosera 1-5-10, Select Grade Coticule finisher

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    And, one more teaser. This one was basically a clean and hone but it needed a replacement hinge pin and wedge. I purchased it online and when it came the wedge didn't fit and there was a little brass bolt and nut holding it together at the blade. It's ok though because Glen fixed it for me. Lov'in me some Ducks!

    5/8 Wonderedge

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    Those are some great looking blades, Congratz !!

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