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Thread: Fassbinder? Wasserabziehstein thuringian

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    Default Fassbinder? Wasserabziehstein thuringian

    I received this stone today. It's an NOS Wasserabziehstein Thuri, and by the logo I'm pretty sure it's from Fassbinder & Co (F&Co), which dates it between 1906 and WW2.

    There are a couple of marks on it, probably due to it not having a box, but it's in excellent condition. It really doesn't look like it's ever been used or even lapped.

    In the research I've done, completely intact labels like this seem to be rare, although the stones themselves aren't really rare. So I think I'll seal the label, because why not?

    I look forward to trying it out, hopefully it will be good.

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    I sealed my Escher
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    Very nice.!

    I have a Thurigan, in a box that's not legible any more. The only word I can possibly make out, is the first word...Water

    After reading the directions of use, on your label, I'm wondering if this one may have come from the same guy.

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    Odd, that the directions are exactly, identical. But makes me hopeful to as who might have cut/sold this hone.


    If it hones like mine, its a very crisp/keen, but smooth, edge. Comparable to a 12k synthetic, after lots of leather
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    Many years ago, I was a printing press operator, and to this day I still love looking at old printed materials, like the label on that box. So many cool typefaces, illustrations, and box materials. People just dont seem to appreciate these common things that just seem to get tossed away.

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    NOS Thuri's,Jnats, and Pike arks and others are simply amazing finds. The fact they are so old and nobody used them for so long but took care of them for all this time so you could find them and use them as intended just blows my mind when I start thinking about it.

    Great find and enjoy!
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