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Thread: suggestive evidence

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamesbogosian View Post
    i can only assume that yahoo clubs went online back in 1998, and also wetshavers, which i dont know the exact year that original shaving forum went up and running? maybe 1997? so then what you guys are telling me is that for 1999/2000 these were THE only shaving forums online? there was no one else? wow thats crazy if im assuming correct! if i had gone to either website back in 1999/2000, would i have been able to get the good quality shave advice/tips like from any of the now modern shave forums like these, if i had gone online like 20/21 years ago, would i have been able to find out about proraso or any other traditional de razor shave prep? assuming that yahoo clubs and msn wetshavers were around and it was 99/00, would not only me but others who seek shaving tips/advice been able to know what shave info is available from badgerandblade, atg, the shaveden, ect...? how did yahoo clubs and msn wetshavers differ from the now modern shave forums available today assuming that shaving tips/advice from todays shaving forums is almost excellent in quality? would anyone care to speculate here........? lets assume we could go back to 1995 and thats when msn wetshavers went online for the first time, would the shaving tips/advice given there be of the same quality as todays current shaving forums or not in any of your opinions guys? i love to get other peoples opinion! rsvp.
    What does it matter? Do you think anyone here really cares or wonders 'you know, how did find out about proraso from yahoo groups' or 'how would we do x in 1995'. Noone cares. It's not 1995. It's 2020. We don't care. Pretty much everyone is wondering what you are really trying to achieve, since it obviously is not learning the things we do care about, like actually shaving or doing something.
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