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    Got a new PC last week, installed XP SP2 and the latest version of Firefox and a few AVs. CPU usage is 2% at idle, goes up to 20% for a second when clicking a thread, then back to 2%. No problems whatsoever on here nor elsewhere.

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    anyone tried Flock? i had a big problem with Firefox on my work computer so while i was in teh midst of trying an unistall reinstall of FF i found Flock. it is basicly just like FF, i think it even uses the same addons. i also use Opera which works good but is quite a bit different and i am too lazy to figure out something new so Flock worked well. ha! the funny thing is i actually haven't reinstalled Firefox yet. Flock is working just fine for now.

    sorry i can't really remember exactly what went wrong with FF but i think it just stopped loading properly or stopped loading period. my work computer is pretty old and i am impatient so it may have loaded in time, and i just wouldn't wait.

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