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    Default Rules regarding contests, group buys, etc

    good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

    Currently, the mod team are working on revamping the site rules, and making them more accessible and clearer. We will of course let you know when we are making changes.

    But in the meantime, we would like to make sure that everybody knows that all initiatives like giveaways, contests, group buys, etc... are either organized by us (SRP staff) or in cooperation with us, according to our rules and decisions. We don't mind people giving away a razor or a brush, or other minor stuff.
    As soon as anything needs organizing or becomes more valuable, it needs our approval or it won't happen.

    This is not because we are power hungry evil overlords (we are, but it's not the reason ) but because we need to think about SRP and ourselves (the staff)

    If a group buy goes sour and someone takes off with the money, we are left with the aftermath.
    If someone were to run a high stakes contest with himself as the sole judge, it has the potential to tear this community apart.
    If someone were to organize an activity that involves valuable items with a dodgy ownership status, or which would involve taxes, or which would violate gaming laws, we would be the ones answering questions from men with suits.

    First and foremost, we (the mod team) need to think about what is best for this community and for the reputation of SRP.

    We had several issues lately that convinced us that we need to become a bit more formal about these things, and we are working on something that balances our need to be both a benevolent dicator and an evil overlord.
    We will of course keep you guys informed, and if you have feedback for us... well, that is what this part of the forum is for.
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    Good post! I have been recently thinking about my own giveaway and appreciate seeing this thread so that we know to contact mods or whoever first before we get the ball rolling.

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    Lots of work and thought will be goin into this...
    ANd you'll not make everyone happy.
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    Thanks for having me

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    this ought to be stickied

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