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    OK so here is a screen shot of what we are referring to on the missing frames:

    I'm running XP Home with SP2 and using IE 6+ at a screen resolution of 1024X768 (32bit)
    When you click on "User Gallerys" this is what the top of the loaded page looks like:

    You can clearly see the Void frame where the gallery is suposed to be... So one will have to scroll a little bit down to see this:

    Again, void. Use the Frames that are loading properly to the left and right to get a feel for where on the page we are, You'll notice the Gallery search bar appearing below the "Whos Online" frame. This is where the gallery starts and stays...
    Here I've just clicked on Lynns Gallery for an example, you can see the individule gallerys also load well below the intended frame space (below the "who's online" frame)

    Every once and a while the Forums will do the same thing. Some time's the forums will load in a very small frame with both verticle and horizonal scroll bars for the main page.
    I'm using a 17" monitor and have switched resolution to 1152X864 to see if more desktop would make a difference and it did not.

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    I'll have to try reading this when I get home. About 1/3 of your post is "off screen" and I have to scroll down to the bottom for the slider.


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    Lightbulb Keyword search

    It seems the keyword search bar is the culprit here. The search bar is too wide to fit in the upper frame so it is inserted at the first point with width wide enough for it to be displayed properly. Two things that might be possible, make the keyword search field adjustable or make it a lot smaller than it currently is.

    EDIT: By the way, the initial SRP image w/ Lynn's welcome does the same thing if your browser isn't full screen on initial load. It is corrected if you maximize the browser window.
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