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Thread: Under rated soaps/creams

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    There is such a long list of excellent producing soaps and creams that are rarely talked about and therefore under rated that I hardly know where to begin. In no particular order:

    1. Carthusia: I hardly ever hear anyone mention this outstanding shave soap from Italy, expensive but triple
    milled and the 5.2 oz. puck lasts forever. One of the most invigorating scents of any soap I've tried. At
    times I consider this my favorite soap, but I rarely have just one.
    1. Nanny's Silly Soap: her soft soaps are always a joy to use, from England.
    2. Joris: an excellent French soap sold by Plisson.
    4. Provence Sante: another excellent French triple milled soap that lasts forever and costs less than $10.
    5. by Luna: a very popular soap on the Spanish forums and by those who enjoy JabonMan Eufros soaps.
    I think they perform as well as JabonMan vegan formula soaps and they will always be in my rotation.

    Creams: There are many excellent creams, although they are discussed much less frequently and don't seem to be held in as high regard as soaps, and I think there are many creams that perform very well that aren't mentioned as frequently as the favorite creams:

    1. Stone Cottage Soapworks: they recently came out with a new formulation that is just outstanding, and
    definitely worth a try for anyone who enjoys creams. I recommend a sample pack to start with.
    2. The Obsessive Soap Perfectionist: from England, well known for his soaps, but I also enjoy his creams.
    They are somewhat runny compared to most creams, but perform very, very well.
    3. Esbjerg: not unknown, but I rarely see these creams on SOTD or discussed.
    4. Floris No. 89: The current formulation of their soap is worthless, but the cream is excellent and the scent is
    hard to beat.
    5. Al's Shaving Products: I'm always surprised when I don't see this cream mentioned more often.
    6. Two creams that I enjoy but are no longer in production are Atkinson's from England, and Biotique, which
    was a very inexpensive but excellent performing cream from India.
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    The shave I had this morning took me back a half century to when I started shaving and Palmolive shave cream was a commonly found item on store shelves.

    I had some goodies come in a week or so ago and a tube of Palmolive shave cream Classic was in that order. Decide to interrupt my week of shaving with the Wilkinson shave stick to give the Palmolive a go. The scent was the same and so was the excellent lather. Very happy to see that this product has survived till now. Yes, the scent says "shaving" to me.

    For me it is a truly underrated shave cream. In fact so underrated it has not been generally available in store here for a long time. That is a pity but thanks to the web that s no longer a problem.

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    When I think of "under-rated," I think of soaps and creams that punch way above their weight price-wise, but have sort of fallen by the wayside in our golden era of artisan/boutique/whatever you want to call them high-end soaps and creams that we all love to try. In no particular order:
    *Any tube of Palmolive (Moisturizing Deluxe is my fave)
    *Arko tubes
    *Godrej Menthol Mist (now "Cool")
    *And yeah, Al's was one of the 1st big boutique-level croaps that everyone loved-is he even still around?
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    Menís Soap Co. is a very good value. Lotta bang for the buck

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    I’ll second (or third) Palmolive shave stick...was so cheap here in the UK and a great soap. I stocked up a few years ago when I read they were discontinuing so I haven’t bought one in a while, but they used to cost well under $1....

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