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Thread: Question about stropping

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    Quote Originally Posted by STF View Post
    I have heard it said in some posts that "they” have stropped a razor 300 laps.

    What would be the reason and benefit of doing that rather than 60?
    First you have to understand the why of stropping, only then can you figure out the how. Does it take 300 laps or 60 laps? Why not 350 laps? Or is 20 enough? You need to establish a goal, then you need an objective means of determining when you've reached that goal. Just counting laps could cause overshooting, or undershooting, of the goal either of which could lead to frustration and/or a waste of time.

    If you've experimented a lot, and some number of laps seems to consistently achieve a good quality shave, then stick with that. Or, there are other methods such as the HHT and the thumb test, which can provide even more objective feedback. Whatever you are most comfortable with, and works for you.
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    I found this thread again and thought I should update you all on my progress.

    I am grateful for the advice you gave me.

    It's been a year now since I started straight shaving, that doesn't make me super experienced like a lot of you guys but I do feel that I know what I'm talking about now.

    My edges last a lot longer than 20 shaves now, I think that is largely because i learned to hold the spine closer to my face. It also makes the shave a lot more comfortable.

    I have 14 razors in my rotation and use each one in turn, I shave daily usually. Each razor will be used every 14 days or twice a month, I could certainly go longer but I hone them once a year which is only about 24 shaves. I do it because I just enjoy it, well once a year is the plan but I like practising with my stones so I hone most of them often for now.

    Talking of stones. I never did send any razors out. Dzec kindly gifted me a barbers hone which refreshed my razor really well. I bought a set of Norton's, 1K, 4k/8K and a Naniwa 12K to begin and I also have a Washita Pike Norton No1 lapped to 220 on one side and 1200 on the other and burnished, I say burnised but it's being a bitch and I am not really making much headway. I also have a Trans Ark which is 600 one side and 1200 burnished on the other. I am managing to burnish that one by using a chefs knife and really leaning on it.

    As far as stropping goes, I have one hanging leather strop that cost about $25 new to paste with Cro Ox and it works really well. I also have an English bridal leather strop which I sanded to smooth the cuts I made when I was learning to use it. I replaced the fabric because I didn't like the feel and sound it made (sort of zip zip sound and very course) to a really nice feeling linen one that I bought a length of from DVW. I wanted my Bridal to have a heavier draw so DVW sent a mixture or neetsfoot and glycerin with I rubbed into it and now its fantastic, much heavier.

    I use the Cro Ox after my hones as part of the progression but don't touch it apart from that.

    My usual routine and what I have found works for me is 15 on linen and 40 on leather after my shave and then leave the razor open for the day in the bedroom. Before I use it again two weeks later I do 80 on leather the night before.

    Thanks again for the stropping advice when I started, you all made it much easier for me.
    - - Steve

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