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Thread: Puma Green Extrafein Paste

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    Quote Originally Posted by TristanLudlow View Post
    I don't put them on leather for my razors but use the pastes on a linen and cotton strop

    I use them on leather for my chisels and plane blades

    Would there be a difference between a pasted leather vs canvas strop?
    I use mine on leather, either a hanging strop or a loom strop. I've tried it on linen but didn't like the sensation. I don't think there's much a difference as to effect though. For knives, I use balsa mounted on a board on a bench. There, I find it important to have a stable surface as the hand-held knife's angle can vary.
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    I prefer linen or canvas for razors and leather for tools and knives. Tools and knives leave a lot of swarf, leather can easily be cleaned, for smooth leather WD40 will clean and remove Chrome Oxide easily. For rough leather I scrape and lightly reapply.

    Linen and canvas hold paste well and on a hanging strop flex and expose fresh grit, it does not take much to achieve excellent results.

    Diamonds and CBN will cut deeper and leave a micro jagged edge, Chrome Oxide will smooth a Diamond edge. Diamonds can thin an edge to the point of micro chipping, where a trip back to the stones is needed.

    Diamonds and CBN work great on tools and knives. For experimentation paste cardboard, inside of cereal box before you commit a strop to paste. Once pasted, it can never be fully removed.
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    Well, where I sometimes figured my finish wasn't 100%, the crox fixes everything for me.

    Coticule -> crox => Amazing
    20K -> crox => Amazing
    Thuringer -> crox = Amazing

    Even without crox these are some of the finest shaving edges I experienced, I know a lot of people had already figured it out, it just took me a little longer to try paste on strops. I don't regret it one bit.

    I'd be happy with any of these edges, this crox really fills in a small gap that I was looking for, it adds that extra 1% that really does it for me. Outstanding shaves.

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