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Thread: Steamy bathroom - will it damage blades?

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    Properly drying your blade will do more for it than anything else. The only razors that see oil of mine are those that get put up for long term(2 weeks or more) yet it's usually more if it's going up, cause I tend to rotate between 3-4 razors shaving every day. That said. Never leave them in the bathroom, though it is my shave den, without others using it. I just like the idea of not being in the wettest area of a home. Once dry I keep all my blades in the gun safe, the dehumidifier can't hurt right? Tc
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    Yes, the humidity in a bathroom will cause straight razors to rust. I do not store them in the bathroom. I dry the blade and between the scales then strop a bit on linen to make sure the edge is dry. After that they sit a few hours open to air dry before putting them away. So far no problems with the 30 odd razors in my rotation. I oil them before I go on holidays only.

    The people who visit know better than to bugger about with my razors. There are no children in the house so that is a bonus too.

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