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Thread: Beginner with promise

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    Quote Originally Posted by matloffm View Post
    What's happening to all the idioms I grew up with?
    I feel your pain. Getting old like us. That's Sad. Of course I remember when Sad wasn't necessarily bad.

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    I'm still new at this as well.... I cut myself when my razor said your doing it wrong. Once I slowed down (30 minute shve) I had no nicks and a CLOSE shave that was fantastic! I will give you the same advise I was given.... Stick with Dovo or Boker and take the won't be disappointed !!!! All these guys have been great and give great advice. Good luck and take your time. Lather up a few smells good and that was my biggest nick when I didn't!!

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    Also make sure your soap isn't drying out on your face. The lack of cushion and excess of pressure could lead to irritation. Also, for 'aftershave' are you using an alcohol-based scent? Or lotion? I found that traditional aftershaves dry out my skin when used immediately after shaving. I grew to love the burn, but changed my tune once I experienced a moisturizing lotion post-shave. If I feel the need for a scent, I use one after I let the lotion soak into my skin.

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    I got a Shavette after I shaved with a real straight and I think the shavette takes way more skill. That thing is dangerous. A real straight is about a 100 times more forgiving than a shavette...IMO

    I still get the odd little red spot with my straight however there is usually alot more with the shavette. Take the plunge you wont regret it. Just remember you only need one razor.....HAHAHAHAHAHA at least thats what I thought.... But hey a mans gotta have some variety..

    I noticed the dryness changed as soon as I went to better quality products to shave with.

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    My hair stylist told me that if you want "that" look then you have to use "that" product. So it standes to reson that if you want "that" shave.........
    Welcome aboard

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