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Thread: What types of watches do you like?

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    Default What types of watches do you like?

    We haven't had a good watch thread in a while so here is one.

    What is your preference in watches, mechanical or quartz and why? Or maybe you think watches are obsolete if so tell us why.
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    Omega speedos are all I wear anymore,sold all the rest,my 331s are truly some of the finest movements made.
    861s are great,but am trading them off and wearing mostly my newer autos.

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    At work where watch is likely to get damage from sharp/heavy/hot objects i wear an old Citizen Promaster quartz.
    At home i have Longines Hydroconquest automatic for daily use and manual Omega Seamaster 600 on a rare occasions where i need a "better" watch. It was my fathers so it must be from sixties. From my father-in-laws remains i found Zenith pocket watch. At the back there's a train engraved and on the face it says T.C. Devlet Demir Yollari. I have no idea what it means or what is the story of this watch. All are serviced and all keep time well.

    What i like in mechanical/automatic watches is that they are nice combination of history, craftsmanship, accuracy and precision mechanics. Also i like that they are not dependent on external power sources that sooner or later runs empty such as batteries. Elder watches are also made to last, unlike many modern hi-tech thing that becomes useless in year or two.
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    Sorry for the recycled SOTD Picture

    My preference for watches is Mechanical (Of course it is, I shave with a Straight Razor) as opposed to Quartz. I have a collection of around 30 Wrist watches, some Swiss Watches( The expensive ones I have been given through my job) but I also like some Japanese Watches (Orient in particular).

    I have a Digital Quartz Watch, that i use when I'm Running.

    Just lately I prefer a Pocket watch, for the simple reason that I can almost see the time without having to put on my Reading Glasses.
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    I have couple nice Timex automatics I wear to work and a Christopher Ward "Malvern Automatic" I wear for dress. I have restored a couple Elgin pocketwatches; I have a 1888 clamshell dress pocketwatch that I cleaned, serviced, and installed a new crystal.
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    For a pocket watch, you have to get mechanical. I am a fan of Citizen watches for day to day wear.

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    I love and collect watches.
    Currently wearing a Lang & Sohne.
    Just bought a Glashutte while on a trip to Las Vegas.
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    I use a couple different wrist-watches.
    All mechanical, except for my Citizen Pro-master divers watch.
    Most of the days, I wear a really simple and clean looking Panerai.
    I also use a Tag Heuer Golf watch when I need a slimmer and smaller one.

    Here's a couple pics of the Panerai:

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    Um, all of them, any of them that have been in front of me over all these years....

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    I'm a sucker for mechanical watches. I currently have an Orient Mako (nothing fancy but looks decent and keeps good enough time for me) that gets worn to work almost daily. I also have a Seiko 5 Sports & Vostok Komandirskie and Amphibia. The Amphibia is old school with the CCCP markings, hand wind. The Komandeirski has neither CCCP or Made in Russia on it so I assume it's from right after the fall of the wall when they were trying to figure things out. I also have a cheap chinese made automatic pocket watch that I've had for going on 12 years and it still keeps good time when I am able to wear it.
    But, I'm also addicted to my G-shocks. I have three right now but will hopefully getting rid of one soon to pick up either a pathfiner/protrek or another ABC watch. I'm currently thinking maybe Riseman or Gulfman although HighGear is now an NSP sponsor so I may give one of their watches a whirl.

    Oh, and Birnardo, that Paneri is gorgeous. I've been oggling them for a while but I'll have to wait until all the kids are in school and I'm not paying for child care before I can purchase one. Curse these expensive hobbies. And pesky children. On the upside, If I'm nice to the kids now maybe they'll make sure I'm in a good nursing home when I'm old and decrepit.
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    My favorites are Timex. I've had so called better and more expensive watches, but none have lasted even a fraction of the time a Timex can last. The one I am currently wearing is an Ironman that I got for my birthday back in 94. It's fallen 4 stories onto pavement and has been immersed in water too many times to mention and it still works. My dad is still wearing a Timex from the early eighties that he wore into many a fire as a firefighter. Still works as new. On the other hand was my rather pricey(for me anyway) Seiko. Had it for less than a week and it quit working and I was told it would cost close to $100 dollars to fix it. Needless to say it is still sitting at the bottom of the drawer.

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