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Thread: "Not Jewish: Shaving" :: Jewish humorist's take on non-Jews, shaving, and beards

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    Cool "Not Jewish: Shaving" :: Jewish humorist's take on non-Jews, shaving, and beards

    I stumbled upon an hilarious early morning read written from quite another perspective -- by a man who's goal is the complete opposite of a BBS smooth face:

    "Gentiles shave. WASPs really shave. They have to. It’s who they are. I don’t begrudge them the time or effort. They look really good shaved. Many of us know the Isaac Babel saying, “When a Jew gets on a horse, he stops being a Jew.” But fewer know of his corollary, “When a WASP stops shaving, he starts being a Jew.” This explains, in part, why so many of our Anglo leading men now have facial hair. But it won’t work for them in the end. I may have a jawline, I may not. We’re never really going to find out. "

    Why ‘smooth as a baby’s bottom’ rarely applies to Jewish men’s faces
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    Gotta watch them furriners!

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    Har ! Gotta love Jewish humour.
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    Well, since I gave up following the religious path I guess having a mustache and goatee puts me in the grey in-between zone.
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