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Thread: 2020 Texas Razor Meet

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    Finally got this thing finished. Before I left the meet I had it HT’d and most of the hollows and the flats ground to final dimension. Got her home and finished it off. Used some redwood for the scales and tried my hand at a ca finish, probably will never use it again as a finish, domed brass washers and pins. Took a really smooth edge on the naniwas, though could be a little sharper. The shave was really smooth, though the ergonomics aren’t my favorite. I already forged another one but have yet to rough grinding it. I think the shape and blade size is really nice, just needs less overall arc and smile, and it’s a little tang heavy.

    1095 steel
    2.2” (55mm) length edge
    Redwood scales
    1/4-1/2 hollow

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    Nice work!
    - Joshua

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    Just tripping thru memory lane of this post and seeing it was near the beginning of the Covid crap. Just wanting to know how everyone is doing. All well here in Arkansas since we have few cases. In the town of Russellville where I am I believe there are only about 1-3 cases, with 76 in the county and of that 45 recovered and no deaths. Be safe everyone and God be with you.
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    Great to hear from ya Steve!

    So far I'm lucking out. Knock on wood!!
    All the family, friends and myself are far.

    Massachusetts is a hotspot with 5,800 deaths, around 87,000 testing positive and 27,000 recovered.
    Not out of it yet, but things are slowly getting better.

    I do think that it was here when we had the Texas meet.
    Bruno, myself and anyone else that flew got lucky and dodged a bullet.

    The masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and working at keeping safe is hard, but it's better than the alternative.

    Have faith...all things must pass

    Pete <:-}
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    Hanging here at the Boars Nest as well.

    I flew to the San Diego airport and spent 10 days or so with my best friend. It was part of a surprise for his 70th birthday. The flight out of San Diego wasn't near full and in fact they divided the seating up. I was at the window, no one in the middle and a young gal at the isle. There were people in front of and behind up.

    I kept my distance during my layover in Seattle, but not many people were wearing masks. I found it interesting that most all who were wearing masks were Asian.

    The puddle jumper flight home was a different story. The plane was filled to capacity but I was in the very last seat and was one of the very first boarded. There were two exit doors that were used to de-plane so I got to go first on mine.

    We get the statistics for all of Walla Walla County (Total population is approx 60,500) the Health Dept will update before 5 PM but it stands at this:

    2019 Novel Coronavirus Outbreak (COVID-19) Walla Walla County Number
    Confirmed Cases** 106
    Recovered* 83
    Deaths 2

    Tests Submitted Number
    Positive 106
    Negative 2290
    Total - Only includes Positive and Negative Tests 2396
    Pending - we are no longer tracking specific numbers ---
    This data is changing regularly as labs conduct tests and discover new cases.
    *Recovered means a confirmed case is released from home isolation.

    **Confirmed Cases by Community of Residence Number
    Burbank/Wallula 10
    College Place 15
    Dixie 0
    Prescott 2
    Touchet\Lowden 3
    Waitsburg 0
    Walla Walla 76
    TOTAL 106

    Confirmed Cases Long Term Care/Senior Living Number
    Long Term Care/Senior Living Residents 7
    Long Term Care/Senior Living Staff 8
    TOTAL 15

    Confirmed Cases by Gender Number
    Female 54
    Male 52
    TOTAL 106

    Confirmed Cases by Age Number
    Under 20 8
    20-39 41
    40-59 34
    60-79 17
    Over 80 6
    TOTAL 106

    So far no one I know has been ill and I'd just as soon keep it that way.

    I hope all will stay safe and stay healthy.
    Our house is as Neil left it- an Aladdin’s cave of 'stuff'.

    Kim X

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    Going back in time a bit her, back to the TX meet.

    For some reason I couldn't get my flip top camera to down load the pictures that I'd used it to take. Finally the damn thing would do it so here's a picture of me slicing the brisket, I think that it was Ron who took the picture.

    Yea--my phone takes pretty crappy pictures--

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    Our house is as Neil left it- an Aladdin’s cave of 'stuff'.

    Kim X

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