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Thread: oil on Jnat

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcrideshd View Post
    I'll tell you what it's done, like most people who are in the scientific portion of the world they have made this thread to complicated and the rest of us who really work know it's only about putting a razor on a rock and shaving. All the analysis of the rocks won't make it shave any better. And to continue to beat a dead horse we need to move on. I couldn't care less how many letters you have behind your name, you can't hone or shave any better than myself or hundreds of others. And I'll tell you this I'll bet I know as much about rock formations than the average person, and rocks way down below where most will ever go, but I,m not going to make this forum out to be about what I know and what you don't know. The discussion was fine till it got into a pissing argument between 2 guys who I'm sure are right in their perspectives.

    All things being equal I,m ok with you Ron, the only egghead I've ever liked!

    Man where's Nelson? Maybe he could explain it to them. Tc
    I would like to apologize on that. Some things were said and I felt the burning need to answer a couple of misunderstandings. I can't say I'm 100% right on what I wrote but as I said, there are the people who know their stuff better than we do, better than I do, alas they did not take part in the conversation, that went way off topic.
    And I'm not just apologizing to you but everyone who's reading it and thinks "what happened here, I came for the oil on Jnat".
    Sorry guys, also, sorry Ovidiucotiga for dragging this too long.
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    I'm also sorry, I had good intentions...i'm sure we both did.
    Some arguments were solid both also feel that some of the info we provided has its use but this is not the place for it. If you andbthebguys agree I belive it is best for the admins to delete the offbtopic posts we made.
    I apologise I took it to far.
    I thank you far the civilised way you sustained your ideas.
    Have a nice day gentlemen and keep honing the right way!
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    Thanks guys. That shows class, good debates are great in their place, but this thread got so far off we just couldn't follow. Keep up the great info though, again thanks for the participation in the forum. Tc
    “ I,m getting the impression that everyone thinks I have TIME to fix their bikes”

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    I loved this thread. I didn't understand everything, but it was educational. AlienEdge's misunderstood attempt to add levity to the thread had me laughing. Then the baby started laughing at me laughing!!!

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