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Thread: Friend new to razors looking for a Natural finishing hone

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    Griffith's Shaving Goods also carries thuri bouts, although they're quite a bit more than 45 Euros. Either way, far cheaper than any branded Escher. The Greek Vermio stones they carry are also excellent hones for the money. For example, here is a full-sized Vermio for $89: http://https://www.griffithshavinggo...nt=12749415620. Matt says they finish even finer than thuris. I had the smaller one myself and got some great edges off it before selling it to a former Scout I've managed to brainwash into our cult.

    You can also find thuris on Etsy some times. I just got a yellow-green one this week from one of our members, and early testing seems promising. Let us know what he ends up with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gary haywood View Post
    If you google thuringian bouts There is a guy that’s sell bouts I just brought one for 45 euros light green and I used it after 8 k as finisher and it’s great �� as good if not better than any Escher I had and I had 5 over the years . They really are good quality that he sells This is his email


    Yes that’s our good friend Peter (Hatzicho’s) website.
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    My favorite natural finishing stones are: Greek Vermio, Zulu Grey, and Imperia La Roccia.

    I got my Vermio from Griffith Shaving Goods, but they have been sold out for a long time. I do not know when or even if he can still get them from Greece.

    I purchased my Zulu Grey directly from the vendor in South Africa. It seems like the owner has been missing in action for a while. Many people who placed orders never received them. No one seems to know what is going on.

    I love my Imperia La Roccia (ILR), but it is a very controversial stone as the vendor will not reveal where they are mined. As with all natural stones, they vary in quality. If you get a good one like I did, they will produce a fantastic edge without a huge learning curve like you can have with Coticules and Japanese naturals. However, some people have tried them and do not like them.

    For someone new to honing, a synthetic finishing stone may be a better option as they are consistent. Thus, others can share their experience with the hone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dcaven View Post
    All except the Arkansas are pretty expensive. I have a hard black Arkansas. The company says its actually finer than the translucent. It seems so much coarser than my Escher. Have you used one as a finisher? Is the edge nice? I've never tried it.
    Hi ! I used black translucent Arkansas in my experiments. I brought one side up to 0.5 microns. Did the transition to it from 3K naniva. And I will say that this is a great tool for soft razors.

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    Ask 10 honemeisters and you get 10 different answers. If you want to refine a coticule edge you can also use a pasted strop. Not a hone but a cheap option.
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    Purple Welsh slate used with sewing machine oil after a coticule used with water, no slurry, has always delivered the goods for me.
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    I'd recommend an 8x2" or 8x3" black Arkansas stone from Dan's Whetstone, alternatively you could pick up a Charnley Forest stone at a reasonable price. Both deliver similar edges which are keen and friendly to the skin. Coticule are hit and miss in ease of use IME. The two stones I recommended are pretty bullet proof but a bit slow.

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