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New Paddles !!!!

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, 08-13-2011 at 01:21 AM (2195 Views)
I've been playing around in my garage with my new Dremmel scroll saw. The best part was, it was a gift from a friend at work, who received it in lieu of payment for a job, but has no need for it.
I borrowed it once or twice, and it works well, especially for those of you making scales. The last time I borrowed it, He told me to just keep it...Very good friend indeed.

Anyway, I have some soft pine, and decided to make a few paddles.
I have some nice English Bridle leather, Some Balsa, and some material that's like a wool felt. I expect it to be excellent for crox spray, or diamond spray.

I figure I have enough material to do maybe 10 or so, One side Leather, and the other, your choice, Balsa, or felt treated with crox or .50 diamond spray. Actually, I'll leave it up to the buyer if you even want leather, you may choose the felt on one side and Balsa on the other.

They will be affordable, and only available for a limited time. As I said, this is extra material I have used myself, and want to clear it out. The paddles will have a 12 inch stropping surface and a simple broomstick style handle.

Once made, I will post pics and prices. I'd estimate them to be about 35.00-40.00 or so...I have to figure what my costs were...

They will go fast, so If you'd like to reserve one, Drop me a pm...

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