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Happy Holiday's

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, 12-16-2011 at 02:20 AM (3340 Views)
First off, I'd like to take this opportunity to say "Happy Holiday's to everyone. This time of year brings much welcomed cooler weather to the Sunshine state. I wrote a blog back in August about making some paddles. Big mistake when your shop is also your garage. Waaaaay too hot in August to attempt such a project. Maybe now with the cooler weather that will happen.

I was looking around Target and Wal Mart recently for some plastic storage boxes for the majority of my razors not in use.
I normally keep 7-10 out in rotation. The rest are kept in my shave den. I have a nice walk in closet with rack shelving, that SWMBO was nice enough to donate to my cause.

With Carbon steel razors, rust is always an issue. Glen's blog reminded me of this. Reducing the moisture content will greatly help, if not eliminate the problem. What I wound up doing was buying reusable desicant packs. They're about 2x4 encased in metal and available at Amazon. They have a little window that tells you when they're saturated. All you do then is shove them in a 200 degree oven for an hour or two I believe, and they recharge or dry out. The instructions are imprinted right on the case, fool proof.

You can get plastic storate cases with lids, 12qt, 15qt or 30 qt. Whatever size you need. These plastic storage boxes are great. I use them for hones, razors, all kinds of stuff. They're especially nice for keeping your stones dust free. Anyway Razors...All my razors have coffins or some type of case. So, All I do is place them in the plastic storage case with the desicant packs and you have a "Dry Box" These Desicant packs can be attached to the underside of the lid, I'm thinkng with some u channel or possibly some velcro strapping. Of course, they can just be laid inside the case, but attached under the lid is much cooler looking...

On top of that, I have a much larger desicant pack called "Eva Dry" which hangs in the closet as well. It's supposed to cover 500 sq.ft. -I have another in my gun safe. Any kind of moisture is your enemy whether it's guns or blades. I also treat each blade in storage with Renaissance wax. I'm really liking the Ren wax.

This is a very cost effective storage method. These items had be had few a few dollars. Happy Holiday's to all....

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  1. onimaru55's Avatar
    Great suggestions there Zib. Just a warning if anyone uses wooden boxes & dessicant packs. They can also dry the wood right out & make it crack. learnt that one the hard way.
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  2. Maxi's Avatar
    Hey Zib. I'm also on the dessicant pack bandwagon. I use them both in my razor cases and my tool box. The ones you are talking about are also available from Lee Valley Tools, and are around $7. Same idea though. A window in the top to help you determine their saturation point, and instructions for drying out. Thanks for the blog....a nice read.
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