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Thread: Major update on Mitchell's Wool Fat soap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Obie View Post

    Yes, Mitchell's Wool Fat is a quality soap all around and we've kept company for a number of years. Some gentlemen complain about the soap's modest lather, but I've never had a problem making generous lather with this soap. Glide and cushion are high-end, too. And I love the soft fragrance. Good stuff Mitchell's Wool Fat.


    You must have soft water! LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyguy View Post
    Recently I posted a thread giving my appreciation for Mitchell's Wool Fat shaving soap and got a lot feedback -- most very positive. But I've been noticing something lately and thought I'd pass it along to any newbies who might be looking at it. Since using wool fat shaving soap, I've noticed that I'm not getting many cuts to my face. And when I do, they don't bleed much at all . . . or am I just dreaming?

    Well, I'm positive I'm not cutting myself as much and when I do, the bleeding stops more quickly than before. In fact, the very few nicks just don't last long at all and by the time I'm through shaving, the blood and the cuts have disappeared.

    I started thinking about it and have come to a couple of conclusions --
    1. The cushion effect is real and quite good, permitting a less damaging shave,
    2. The soapís lubrication is superior so it supports fewer cuts,
    3. The lanolin in the soap tends to help coagulate the blood and repair the skin. As a matter of fact, sometimes I lather up for a minute after the shave before rinsing off. Heck! If it works, why not?

    Now, I'm not a doctor and I've never played on TV, but I think there's a lot to these assumptions. The bottom line is that my face is benefitting from using this soap, and it's something you might like to know if you're considering buying some.

    Before I go on, no, Iím not profiting from selling Mitchellís Wool Fat shaving soap. I donít know anything about that -- Iím just passing on what Iíve found, so pardon my enthusiasm. If you want to stick your toe in the water and not spend much money, contact Larry Andreassen at Whipped Dog Straight Razor Sales and order a four dollar, twenty-gram chunk. Be fair, however, and buy something else while youíre there Ė I canít imagine Larry can come out with free shipping on a four dollar order!

    Then if you like it, Google "Mitchell's Wool Fat shaving soap" and you'll find where you can buy a full puck. I bought mine for $13 and I think that's probably about the best price available, but some of you are very good at scrounging! So go have fun! (And let us know if you can get it for less.)

    If you're thinking about Wool Fat shaving soap, give it a try and let us know if you receive the same benefits Iím describing. I love it!

    Totally agreed. I have always noticed that if I get any weeper, it's totally healed up by the end of my shave. No other soap does this, only MWF!

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    This is not for. Nothing that MWF is my favorite soap, to my opinion itís a must for any wet shaver around.

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