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    Default Colognes After shave

    I also like the Clubman Vanilla, but I thought it was a little weak. I used a vanilla bean cut across (in half) then split the halves lenghtwise and inserted them into the bottle. In about a month (shake once a week) the fragrance was very nice and gets better as time goes on. Mine is 4 months now. The liquid color gets a little darker and there is a very small amount of sediment on bottom.....that's when you know it is aged well. It doesn't take much when applied when aged.

    A good source:
    Get the Madagascar they are the best.

    You can make vanilla exteact to die for. Knob Creek whiskey (100 proof 750ml) add 10 beans split lenghtwise.
    Age in dark cool place for 6 months to a year.

    Monte in Napa

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    Does anyone still use Old Spice aftershave? It reminds me of my teenage years, hummm maybe I'll try some again. ink:

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    Default Old Spice.....

    Old spice seems to be making a comeback, of sorts. I have seen it being stocked again in quatities, and with an expanded product line at two pharmacies near me. I may have to try it again, for old times sake!

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    I use Old Spice and also have a bottle of the Old Spice Lime fragrence. I still like the Old Spice scent. It reminds me of my grandfather back on the farm.

    Wishing for yesteryear,
    Randolph Tuttle, a SRP Mentor for residents of Minnesota & western Wisconsin

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    I have found that every girl I know, no exception, loves the smell of Curve for men. I personally don't want to smell like every other guy, so I wear Armani Mania, and I'm thinking about getting Armani Black Code (my girl friend liked that one better in a blind test ink: ).


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