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Thread: Damn you all to heck

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    My lovely bride just rolls her eyes and says, "ANOTHER one?"

    Then I ask her "Isn't it pretty?" to which she replies. "Only if you think so, they ALL looks scary to me."

    I bought one last week, working on buying two more at the moment.

    Going through the pile slowly and deciding which I'm going to sell. (SO I CAN BUY MORE!)

    That ebay seller is good people. I've bought several pocket knives for Doyle over the years. No idea where he finds all that sharp stuff he sells, but he generally has quite a varied selection of interesting and uninteresting edged stuff for sale.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phrank View Post
    LOL - when I bid, I may place a bid at the beginning, just to probe, but after that, I usually bid once and only once, because the only bid the counts, is the winning one. In the case of your W&B razor, I was prepared to go, then found a 9/8 W&B FBU with 3 minutes left, on eBay from basically an hour away from me, for $210.00 plus $3.50 for shipping, so that took me out of the game.

    Then, just to switch things up, managed to grab this nice little 11/16 Joseph Elliot, hoping the scales are tortoise?

    You are my hero, to find a restored 9/8 FBU for less than my unrestored FBO makes me want to hurl.
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