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Thread: Japanese Razor

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    If not for the blunt end and sharpened sides I would say it was a chisel

    If it is a razor, it is a rather unique design.

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    I will weigh in with my 0.02c.

    This one certainly is an unusual design indeed. My immediate thought is was it could be a head razor. (Like the Samurai used, to shave their head when wearing a Mage) coz the blade is not wide like normal, but the blade seems quite short in comparison to the head razors I have seen.
    The wear on the blade could match its alleged age, the spine has little wear which could be an indicator that the previous owner knew how to hone properly. Believe it or not, not all Japanese barbers knew how to hone their razors, and not all knew how to do it correctly. (As pointed out to me, by a retired barber.)

    This is just my thoughts and I am not agreeing that it is, or is not a Japanese straight.

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