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Thread: About the Gold Dollar razors

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    I just thought I'd stir the pot a little... I got a GD the other day and here are my thoughts

    IIRC it's a 208

    1. We all know the scales are CRAP, but this razor was closing centered ... but on further inspection, the blade edge was exposed through the bottom of the scales

    2. The grind is not pretty... it is not even (and I mean that in every way possible... toe to heel, or spine to edge, and on either side)

    3. the GD graphic is painted on in a way that you can see the "clear" residue rectangle around the graphic... kind of like one of those tattoos you stick on your arm with water if you know what I mean... but the sucker won't rub off!

    4. in spite of all of this, I got one with a straight ( or straight-ish) tang. And most importantly, it honed up just fine. After the 1k then BBW/Coticule I got a fine shave

    So, take that for what it's worth... the few DA/GD razors I've seen have been similar... poor fit and finish, but good shavers

    Disclaimer*** I have never used a modified DA or anything with custom work done to it.

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    Out of the ~50 GD/DAs I have honed, one would not get shave ready.

    I just ran that blade again through the same honing progression. Here is the edge at the 1um lapping film over paper level (compare to above shotsthat are quite smooth). The edge just crumbles, and will not hold an edge. Also will not HHT.

    1 out of 50 razors. 2% failure rate for me.

    Say what you want about microscope pics. They don't tell the whole story, but they do tell alot of it. This edge will not shave (or rather it did, the last time I actually tried it, but the shave was horrible, and not close at all)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seraphim View Post
    I've been involved in discussion about religion, abortion, politics here at SRP, but the Gold Dollar is the Mother of All debates!
    It is the mother of all debates to YOU and you only. It seems you are taking this FAR too personal and have turned this thread into self promotion for profit on the GD's and your opinion seems tainted as you are a vendor. If anyone else came in here promoting a Dovo or a Livi, we would all ask for his head. Self promoting is not the spirit of this forum and has never been allowed. We took a simple post to help newbies be more informed and turned it in this. No more, closing thread.
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    Having Fun Shaving

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