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Thread: Need Razor Buying Advice

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    Smile Need Razor Buying Advice

    Total Newb here - never shaved with a straight. I'm just not getting the shave I desire from conventional razors and looking to migrate to a straight.

    What do I buy?

    I'm looking for something more than a beginner's razor that will last me a long time. There are no local knife shops or beauty shops that sell them locally so I have to buy online.

    Not trying to start a debate, just some suggestions so that I don't get a piece of shit razor that I overpaid for.


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    Quote Originally Posted by FlashGordon View Post
    Not trying to start a debate, just some suggestions so that I don't get a piece of shit razor that I overpaid for.
    And you've made that important first step coming to this forum! I've been shaving with straights 40+ years and the learned gentlemen here have forgotten more than I know about it. I can say with absolute certainty that anyone in this forum, if asked, will give you the benefit of their experience; listen to them.

    Give Lynn a call at SRD; he'll be more than happy to hook you up with a nice set that won't break the bank. Or get in touch with Jim Ayars over at Vintage Blades LLC if you're looking for something older.

    I wish you good luck in your shaving experiences. This is a great group of folks here; welcome friend!
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    You can't go wrong with any of the items at SRD, Classic Shaving, or Vintage Bladesllc. Dovo always seems to be a good starter razor, in 5/8 or 6/8. I personally prefer the 6/8th's. It's a bit wider, go for a rounded tip instead of a spike point until you get your technique down. You'll thank me later. Don't spend a lot at first. A good starter razor new, can be had for less than $100.00.

    SRD has complete kits available. You'll need a strop, some good soap or shave cream, not the crap in the can.
    A brush, and maybe some type of scuttle or mug at the least.

    Don at SRD is very helpful. There's a bit of learning curve with straight razor shaving, including stropping, you may want to practice on an old leather belt or something. It's common for new str8 user's to cut into stops and SRD sells very nice strops. You'd be pissed if you cut it.
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    There's also the SRP classifieds. Lot's of nice vintage shave ready razors at affordable prices. Of course you won't be able to buy all you're gear here, but it's a start at least.

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    If you want new, I'd go the SRD route. The free honing is like knocking another $20 off your price.

    If you want used, check our classifieds. Lots of reputable sellers and razors in there for a nice price.

    The strop will be your second most important purchase. I'd say get a nice one. If you do the SRD route there....then if you knick the crap out of it (and you may), they sell replacement leathers at the cost of some of the less expensive new strops that you may have looked at in the first place. get a nice strop all along.

    Good luck.

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