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Thread: Sun October 9th - Sat October 15th

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birnando View Post
    Thanks Paul
    Here's crossing my fingers for ya
    A Max Sprecher is truly a functional piece of art!
    Yes, it is indeed a French point, about 15/16.
    Have a great shave Monday, the goo doesn't quite cut for us who have tried the real deal,does it?
    not in the least
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    Tonight's shave:
    Warm Shower, Stephan's rubbed into the whiskers.
    Dirty Bird Scuttle
    New Forest badger
    AOS Lavender SC
    Carl Monkhouse 5/8 Full hollow
    Ambrose Strop, 50 linen 50 leather
    RazoRock Aluminum
    Pinaud Bay Rum
    Vaseline for men

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