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Thread: Sun - March 03rd - Sat - March 09th

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    Gentlemen, here is today's travel shave bill:

    Razor: Luna 5/8 square point
    Strop: Illinois 835 with leather tether — or the Door Knob Special
    Brush: Fitzwilliam 19 mm. silvertip
    Soap: Harris stick
    Pre-shave: John Allan Slick Water
    Face lather
    Witch hazel
    Balm: Institute Karite
    Aftershave: Taylor of Old Bond Street No. 74 Victoria Lime

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    Today's lineup
    Hot shower
    Homemade preshave oil
    VDH soap
    Custom GemStar silvertip
    Boker Red Injun 101
    Nivea balm
    Pinaud Clubman
    Sorry no pics packing for work trip and they are going

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    Cella soap + Proraso cream
    Clinique as balm
    Osma alum block
    Eveready restored badger
    TI Evide Sonant

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    Mama Bear Orange Orange - Semogue 1520 - 11/16 Wagner & Lange - Myrsol Agua De Limon

    A very relaxing shave today after playing football (soccer) for the first time in at least 6 months. I feel more tired after 90 of football than I did after a 15 Km hike I did a few weeks ago.

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    Location: Ottawa, Ontario
    Razor: 17/16 Wade & Butcher For Barbers Use
    Strop: Cangooner Enterprises #3
    Brush: Cangooner Enterprises #1
    Soap: Mitchell's Wool Fat
    Scuttle: Robert Baker 002 in Lava Slate
    Shave: 3 passes, WTG/XTG/ATG
    Astringent: Thayer's
    A/S: Captain's Choice Bay Rum

    Today was a special day at Cangooner Enterprises: the first prototype from our Brushworks was successfully tested. The handle was hand carved from a piece of soapstone (although I used a press and forstner bit to bore out a hole for the knot), and the badger knot came from Lee Valley. It's a little small for my liking (20mm) but I was too impatient to wait for a larger knot to arrive in the mail. All of which naturally means I'll just have to make another for a larger knot.

    So today's shave was particularly satisfying as I was able to lather with a brush I made, strop on a strop I made, and shave with a *great* razor whose scales I made. Now, if I could just somehow set up a forge in my apartment without burning the place down and/or being evicted, I could take care of that last piece of the equation. One day... one day...

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    It was in original condition, faded red, well-worn, but nice.
    This was and still is my favorite combination; beautiful, original, and worn.
    -Neil Young

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    AOS Silvertip Badger
    TI 5/8 1/2 hollow
    Giorgio Armani AS Balm
    Result: like glass!

    Have a great weekend!

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    Hot Shower, Boker Red Injun 102, Semogue 1305, C.O. Bigelow, Alum Block, Skin Bracer, Murray and Lanman's Florida Water
    This day off stuff is the cat's pajamas, slept late, lollygagged around with the lovely Mrs. GI, came home, quick touch up hone, and a good shave (the edge needs a bit more work but the shave was pretty good. Maybe off for a beer and pipe
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    The older I get, the better I was

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