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Thread: Why have I just bought a flair tip?

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    Default Why have I just bought a flair tip?

    Having myself a jolly nice straight shave whilst recalling a conversation at work, discovering more wet shavers by the day although DE's mostly and I've been missing out with MWF. I'm hopeful Father Christmas got my note

    Finish my shave, make a cup of tea and go on eBay. There it is, a flair tip rocket II. I still don't know why I bought it and having to explain it to the wife is going to be fun. I think I got a good price.

    Are they any good? It has a silver bottom rather than blue or red. Does that mean anything?
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    The Flare-Tip Rocket is a pretty nice razor. Just like the US Flare-Tip, except that the knob on the Rocket actually will move into the barrel as you open the razor.

    It is a nice shaver - on the mild side. It is a little milder than the Rocket HD.

    And while the razor certainly has some 'flair', it is nicknamed the Flare-Tip, because of the flare on the knob (compared to the 40s SS or the Rocket HD and other razors, which have a knob that's the same diameter throughout).


    Enjoy your razor. Having been in a situation where I had to explain to my wife about strange packages that turned up at the house, I can imagine what you're going through at the moment.


    And finally, re: your signature line: I have tried a tea-cosy on my head many times......even in public. Couldn't resist it.
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