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    Quote Originally Posted by chee16 View Post
    i have been trying for about a month to get one on ebay for my girlfriend and have been unsuccessful so far. where did you find yours? there aren't too many on ebay. though i will keep trying.
    Sorry for the late reply. I got my Lady Gillette DE on eBay and didn't have to look that hard either fwiw; maybe I just got lucky. I'm going to start a separate thread shortly re my experience w/it as well as some general newbie questions I have pertaining to shaving, but suffice to say I LOVE IT!


    p.s. Martin, thanks for your info above...I placed an order and was very happy!

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    My wife only uses a Gillette Fat Boy adjustable. She tends to keep the setting on 3. Only uses it for underarms, as the hair on her legs stopped growing some years back. Benefits of being a blonde, I guess.

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